Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Arty

Last night I took a bunch of arty shots of cats, three of which I'm posting today. (I originally posted five, but two were too dark and didn't show up, so I deleted those posts.) I had fun taking them, and I hope people enjoy looking at them!


  1. No pictures, please.

  2. Those are pretty nice shots, Susan. I like the coy look on Harley in the middle shot. This top one I like because you reflect rather nicely in the window. Have to admit that you are the star of the show there. Bali looked like a furry monkey doll from what I could discern of him. You however, turned out very nice in your self portrait. :) From the Benediction one I can tell your guys like to be touched. Mine are semi indifferent to it at varying times.


  3. Hey! That's Mister Furry Monkey Doll ESQUIRE, to you!


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