Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can't Make This Stuff Up

Okay, so not only does the Google Maps app on my BlackBerry insist on bouncing my location back and forth between Reno and Seattle, but it puts me in different places in Reno, and always in the same place in Seattle.

And when I zoomed into the Seattle location, it's two blocks from Seattle Central Community College, where I spent six weeks at the Clarion West SF/F writing workshop in 1985 (heavens, but that was a long time ago!).

So what's going on here? Did I leave my heart in Seattle, or am I mourning my lost writerly youth, and is my BlackBerry somehow sensing this?

Insert Twilight Zone music here.

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  1. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Maybe it's time for you teach at Clarion?


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