Monday, September 08, 2008

Bali, Just Because

Isn't he gorgeous? I love how the yellow in the pottery behind him matches his eyes.

He's lying on the dinner table here, by the way. We have friends who swear that they've trained their cats to stay off the furniture, but we've never had luck training cats. They train us.


  1. Gorgeous boy! Nice photo, Susan! How could they stay off the dining table when it is so close to their cat tower? I've not been able to teach mine to stay off either but they do stay off when people are eating there. My mom was more successful with Sammy, our cat when I was young, but she was very determined. Took awhile though.


  2. I think it is possible to "train" (hahahaha) cats to stay off the table WHEN PEOPLE ARE WATCHING. But no more than that!


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