Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Really Happening!

My father and Fran will be moving to Reno the weekend of October 18-19. She's in Chicago and can get nonstop flights to Reno, but the only nonstop from Philly is to Sacramento, two hours from here over the Sierra Nevada. And Dad's flight gets in at 9 PM. So Gary and I will drive to Sacramento to pick him up; we'll all stay in a hotel that evening, and then we'll drive back to Reno the next day. I don't want to drive across the mountains after dark (that drive's challenging even in daylight), especially during a time of year when there might be below-freezing temperatures and bad road conditions.

This morning, when I talked to Dad, he had the whole thing planned. He'd fly in Saturday the 18th and Fran would fly in Sunday the 19th; we'd pick her up in Reno on our way back from Sacramento. He asked me to book the flights on his credit card, but to call Fran first to confirm her understanding of the arrangements. Good thing I did, because she thinks she's flying in on Saturday. Oy! So I told her to call him and have him call me.

Meanwhile, Gary and I had hoped to have their apartment minimally furnished with extra stuff of our own when they got here, so they could move right into their new place while they were waiting for their movers. Having them stay at our house is problematic because neither of them do very well with stairs -- our guest bedroom's on the second floor, and there's no shower on the first floor -- and because Fran likes cats even less than my father does.

But we can't get into the apartment until Dad and Fran have signed the lease, which they have to do in person. So first thing Monday 10/20, I'll drive them over to sign the lease, and then drive them back to my house, and then go to work to teach until 7:00 PM. On Tuesday, we'll try to get the apartment set up; I imagine we'll have to rent a van. That way, at least they'll only have to spend a few days at our house.

Fran's having her car towed to my house. I'd initially thought she was going to sell her car there and buy another one here, and I'm really glad we don't have to go through that hassle.

In the meantime, Gary and I need to shop for some furniture they'll need.

Busy busy!

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  1. Sounds like you have things well in hand, Susan. May I suggest that you shop for the furniture at resale stores. You can get really good stuff for a pittance and why shop for new when their own stuff is arriving by truck later?

    Hope! & Joy!


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