Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh Bliss, Thy Name is San Francisco

We had a very easy drive in yesterday -- three hours and twenty minutes -- and are happily ensconced in our "suite," which is really just a very large room with a couch in addition to the regular hotel-room furniture. Unfortunately, there's no bureau, but life's always a series of trade-offs, right?

But very large is good. We'll take it. We've stayed at this hotel before, in the "if you stretch you can touch both walls at once" room, and this one's a definite improvement.

Our room also has a small fridge, which is all kinds of handy. Yesterday we went to the closest grocery store, a chi-chi yuppie whole-foods deli, and got real coffee and filters (since hotel-room coffee's a joke), half and half for Gary, yogurt for him, soy yogurt for me, and some raspberry scones. We're having a lovely breakfast for much less than we'd pay at any of the local eateries. I'm a big fan of not having to shower and dress before I eat breakfast, especially since I can't perform any coordinated movements -- like turning on the shower or putting on socks -- before I've had my two mugs of coffee.

And as you can tell, the advertised free wireless works. Yay!

Yesterday we did some shopping (I got a cute top on sale, and passed on a gorgeous but impractical skirt on sale) and had dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, Basil. Today: a walk on Ocean Beach, and then my reading at Borderlands Books, and then dinner with the Tachyon folks.

Beach! Beach! I forgot to take my antidepressant last night, but a walk on the beach does easily as much as an entire month of the stuff.

And if we see cute dogs, my bliss will be complete. Also, if people actually come to my reading.

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  1. I too will be visiting San Francisco this week. I long for the temperate climate and edible food!


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