Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hasty Dispatch #2

Yesterday we went to the Farmer's Market, which was unbelievably crowded -- as always -- but where I got a pretty summer jumper and also stopped by the Pax Christi booth, where I picked up some flyers to wave around at the "Religious Left" panel and also picked up a button that says "Be Prophetic: Disturb Society."

The flyers include a list called "Just for Today," with ways to promote peace. Here's a sample:
Today . . . I will live in peace with God, my neighbor and myself. I will bring peace to my patch of the earth.

Today . . . I will believe that world peace is possible. I will remember that hope is the most important gift I can give my world.

Today . . . I will not party to pessimism nor join the indifferent.

Today . . . I will love my enemies. I will pray for them. I will try to see our differences from their point of view.
There's also a list of more concrete peace-making actions. It's a fine little pamphlet!

We left the Farmer's Market to have a delightful lunch with Alexis; I'm badgering her (along with Lee!) to attend WisCon, although Alexis' medical boards may interfere next year.

The Julie Phillips/Dorothy Allison presentation turned out to be just Julie Phillips, because Allison had come down with such an awful case of poison oak that she couldn't get on a plane. But Phillips spoke engagingly about her book, and read a little from it, and Gary and I both enjoyed her very much.

In the afternoon, we went to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, which was in a pretty building, but where most of the work left me underwhelmed. (Also, Reno's art museum is prettier.) Wisconsin art seems to feature lots of antlers and insects. Also, there was a gigantic sculpture of a plucked chicken. The best things about the museum were the see-through staircase and the rooftop sculpture garden.

Our second delightful meal of the day was dinner with Barbara Land and Jackie and Phil Brewer, at an Afghan restaurant on State Street.

The auction was great fun, as it always is. Ellen Klages is a manic, hilarious auctioneer. Space Babe was back, despite rumors that she'd outgrown the costume (she's a freshman in college now). Someone had made a Faery Handbag; we passed a hat to collect money to buy it for Kelly Link, and the final came to somewhere around $450 (all proceeds are donated to the Tiptree Award). Someone had donated an ARC of Shelter, but there was only one bid on it, so I believe it didn't go to auction (I know the person who bid on it really wanted it, though, so that's okay!).

I did a quick round of the party floor: put in an appearance at the Tor party, where the noise level was already overwhelming -- but where I had a good conversation with Lawrence Schimel -- and then went to the Haiku Earring party, where I got a pretty pair of earrings Elise named "Memory Perfume;" I can't quite remember the haiku I wrote to that title, but Elise liked it enough to let me have the earrings. We also had a moving conversation about her partner Mike Ford, who died this past year.

Today: a "meet the panelists" lunch for tomorrow's Religious Left panel; the domestic fantasy and writing-as-spiritual-practice panels; a swing by the Dealers Room to sign books (Rina just called to tell me that there's someone down there who has about fourteen of my books -- but I haven't written that many! -- and wants me to sign them); the Dessert Salon; the GoH speeches and Tiptree Award presentation.

Yesterday was pretty quiet, but today will be very full!


  1. Hi Susan, Thanks for the invite! I'd absolutely love to come! If I get that teaching job and the school year ends before WisCon begins then I will make plans to attend next year.


  2. There was another round of placing bids, and Shelter went for quite a lot-- I tried to get it on my college-student budget and got outbid. :)


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