Friday, May 18, 2007

More Blogging Bits

We'll be leaving for San Francisco in a few hours; the hotel where we're staying is supposed to have high-speed internet, but I don't know how much time I'll have to blog. We're also bringing the camera, so if we get any good pictures at the readings or elsewhere, I'll post them.

I'm now only eight ED sonnets away from a full set. I've already told the hospital I'm doing this, and have found out who'll have to read the poems when they're done to make sure they're HIPAA-safe. I got some very nice encouragement the other day from my colleague Ann Keniston, who's a Real Poet (TM) and a lovely person. I'd asked her a few months ago if she'd read these when I had the whole set, to see if they were any good; she'd said that she would. But on Wednesday I saw her at work, and she said she'd stumbled across the blog and had read some of the sonnets and really liked them.

That was a huge relief; a Real Poet thought they were real poems, and I hadn't even had to go through the nerve-wracking process of handing her a manuscript and waiting for a response. Thanks, Ann!

So I'm now thinking more seriously about the possibility of publishing the whole set as a chapbook, although finding a publisher is a decidedly non-trivial issue. For several reasons, mostly involving getting credit for this project at work, I don't want to self-publish any more than I already have. Because nearly all publishers want books containing material that hasn't appeared anywhere else, including the internet, I'm not going to post the remaining eight sonnets here. If indeed I manage to publish the small volume -- and if that happens, it will take months if not years -- I'll let everyone know. Please wish me luck!

On a related note, there's some distress in the medblogging world right now; several highly regarded, pseudonymous medbloggers have shut down their blogs because people they knew in real life figured out who they were. In one case, the blogger's co-worker printed out the entire blog and showed it to the blogger's supervisor. The supervisor didn't have a problem with it; the blogger shut the blog down anyway, apparently unnerved by having been outed.

Okay, everybody, repeat after me: The internet is public space. Because it's such a crowded public space, we often act as if what we post is at least semi-private, but it's not. The best strategy is not to post anything you wouldn't be comfortable having everyone read, even if you're using a pseudonym. We write blogs because we want people to be able to read our thoughts, right? If you want to limit your readership only to selected people, set up one of those private blogs that only certain individuals can read. Otherwise, it's a big world out there, and the door's open.

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  1. Good morning Susan. I do wish you luck on publishing that book of poetry. If you succeed, I want one!

    Peace, Hope & Joy!


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