Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eccentric Cat Tricks

Here are the photos I promised, illustrating endearing cat quirks.

Figaro likes to get rides from humans by lying flat on their backs, which forces the human into a bent-over shuffle. This picture of Piggyback Figaro isn't lit very well, but it will give you the general idea:

Harley's favorite game, meanwhile, is "Everything here is a cave!" wherein he tries to jam himself into the smallest possible space. A particular favorite is our black wicker wastepaper basket. Gary calls this photo "Basket Case," which is an apt title!

And Bali, well, he specializes in looking evil in photos. He's not evil at all: he's a darling little fuzzy black bear of a cat, very happy to cuddle with people and purr. But in recent photos, he almost invariably looks like the Kitten of the Apocalypse, which is my title for this photo. (Gary calls it "Evil Bali.")

You can just see him sending mind-control waves, can't you? "You . . . will . . . open . . . more . . . catfood cans. . . . You . . . will . . . open . . . more . . . catfood cans. . . . Also . . . raw . . . chicken . . . would . . . be . . . great."


  1. When cats' eyes are at half mast (the "evil" look), it's actually a sign of blatant love at whomever the object of the stare is. If you look directly at your cat - any cat - and slowly half-close your eyes, you are "hugging" your cat and sending a clear signal of love. Try it and see if you don't get the half-mast look in return. The ears will be upright - very different from the cat who is angered or frightened/threatened and who squints and flattens the ears.

    I give my cats "love looks" all the time - and many times I catch them silently watching me and giving me the same. :^)

  2. Oh, very cool! I never knew this, and I'll try the "love look" as soon as I can. (I tried it on Harley just now, but he was more interested in running around in a burst of morning energy.)

    N=1, how many cats do you have?

  3. I used to run a sanctuary for senior/special needs animals - animals that were set for euthanasia from other shelters and who literally had run out of options for rehoming: horses, goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats - and one guinea who literally walked into the drive one Easter morning and decided to live with the chickens. So I can't tell you how many cats I've stewarded - let's just say it's been more than a few.... ;^)


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