Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Before I forget, this week's Grand Rounds is up, and I'm happy to be included.

I'm posting this later than I usually would because when I woke up this morning, we had no power. Two large power-company trucks were outside the house, so I knew that the authorities were aware of the problem, but I didn't know how long it would take them to fix it. As it turned out, they fixed it within two hours, but in the meantime, we had a) no web access, and b) no way to make coffee.

This second item is truly serious. I have two large cups of coffee every morning: if I don't get them, I get a splitting migraine. Not fun. So I had Gary manually open our garage door and made an emergency run to the locally-owned coffeeshop a few miles away (I avoid Starbucks unless there's no other option). I bought two large cups of their French Roast, which was almost as strong as ours, and brought it back to the house. To quote a line from William Gibson's "The Winter Market," "There was coffee. Life would go on."

I've now realized that in the event of nuclear holocaust or major natural disaster, what would kill me wouldn't be the radioactive fallout or the plagues from lack of clean water or the roving gangs of desperate citizens. It would be the lack of coffee.

Maybe I should buy some caffeine pills for emergencies.

I have some cute cat pictures to post, but I'll have to do that this evening or tomorrow. Also, there's a new Locus review of Shelter, and I'll probably post that too, or at least parts of it. It's a smart, thoughtful review by Gary K. Wolfe, who understands what I was trying to do with the book, and essentially agrees with me about what works in it and what doesn't. Obviously, he's a person of great discernment!

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