Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We're home, finally. Our three-hour layover in Denver became something more like four hours because of fierce thunderstorms. We didn't have good luck with layovers this trip -- and we never seem to have good luck with Denver.

The scariest airplane moment of my life was flying into Denver, back in the 80s, when I was on my way to Seattle for Norwescon. There was a gigantic blizzard, and as we were making our very bumpy approach to the landing strip, the pilot announced -- cackled, really -- "Well, folks, we're using a brand-new auto-guidance system! I sure hope it works, because right now, we have ZE-RO VISIBILITY!"

TMI, cap'n. I think he must have had too much caffeine, or maybe he just really had it in for passengers that particular day.

Today's flights were smoother than that, thank goodness. I came home to a ton of nice blog comments, especially on my last post (and Elliot, thanks for the link!), but I'm way too tired to answer any of them now.

And so to bed! G'night!


  1. The old Denver airport (Stapleton) had the worst weather conditions of any major airport in the world. The new was promised to be "only slightly worse".

    I avoid it whenever possible. I know people who live in and around Denver, and they say the plain where they put the airport has the most violent weather in the state... plus, it's built on those clays that expand and contract when they get wet and dry.

  2. Welcome back, Susan! Bet the cats were glad to see you. (g)



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