Monday, April 23, 2007

Successful Surgery, Hurrah!

My mother's surgery this morning went very well. She's being monitored tonight in ICU, but they expect her to be sent down to telemetry tomorrow -- or she might even be able to go home, although she's not too enthusiastic about that idea at the moment. Her surgeon was really nice (everyone also says he's incredibly skillful), and we have a many-times-removed cousin-in-law who's a doctor at the hospital and on its board. He's been looking in on Mom every day, and hunted me and my sister down twice today to see how we were doing. He's been so attentive that Mom's ICU nurses thought he was her actual doctor, although he's not.

So trooper Mom has pulled through again! The first time we saw her, we were in the ICU waiting room and we saw her bed being wheeled in. We both called out "Mom!" and raced after the bed, and promptly got ourselves thrown out of the ICU by the nurses, who wanted to get Mom settled before she had any visitors. She was pretty gorked out then, though, because she'd just come from the recovery room.

We went back this evening and she was doing much better: drinking water and juice, commenting on our haircuts and earrings, and generally acting like herself -- although a very weak, sleepy version of herself, to be sure.

And now to bed. I got into Philly at 6:30 this morning after entirely too many hours in the Alternate Airtravel Universe, and I'm ready for a good night's sleep!

Tomorrow I get to attempt the adventure of driving around Philadelpia in my brother-in-law's car. I suspect driving in Philly may be more dangerous than vascular surgery, especially when the driver's jet-lagged. I keep telling myself that since I've survived many highly amusing highway adventures in the Bay Area, this will be a snap.


  1. First time commenter, long time reader.

    I'm so pleased to hear your mum came through the surgery ok :)

  2. Anonymous5:23 AM

    So glad to hear you've arrived safely and your mother is doing well,


  3. inez Schaechterle6:29 AM

    I'm glad your mother is doing well and your flight got you there. I'm holding both of you in the light.

  4. So very happy to hear the good news. Hoping today continues well!

  5. Thank God! I am so glad to hear that you mom is doing well. Good luck with your exploration of Philly and I hope your mom goes home only when she is ready to.


  6. Excellent news, all around!

    Just an FYI on not being able to go with your Mom as she arrived in the ICU: Many times, blood pressures can be unstable due to elevator rides, the jostling from OR table to cart to bed, etc. It's not uncommon for the nurse to have to provide very quick assessment and pressure and fluid resuscitation on arrival. Too fast for a nurse to be able to stop and explain, and very scary for a family to witness without an interpreter. So the iron-gloved rule is to exclude families from this apsect of care.

    But it sounds like your Mom is doing famously! Hope you all catch up on your rest and have a good visit.

  7. Thanks so much, everybody!

    Lizzie: Thanks for reading, and for delurking!

    N=1: Thanks for the explanation!

    I've been told she'll be sent to a regular hospital bed today; I'm about to leave for the hospital to find out in person.

  8. Anonymous5:02 PM

    You see Susan, Gary was right! Hooray for all of you.


  9. That's an answer to prayer. Great.


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