Monday, April 30, 2007

So, Like, I'm Home

The trip back was as comfortable and trouble-free as the trip out was disastrous. Yay!

The $54 I spent for extra leg room was definitely worth it. I feel like a human this morning, and not like a pretzel. Also, I discovered that long plane flights are a terrific opportunity to catch up on old e-mail. I'm not entirely caught up, but almost.

My plane reading included the May issue of The Atlantic, which had a number of fascinating articles, including an extremely troubling piece about the current epidemic of group suicides with strangers in Japan. People who want to die look for each other on the Internet, and then they make arrangements to asphyxiate together, usually in cars. This has evidently become so common that it doesn't even get much press coverage.

My nephew and a huge percentage of my students are absolutely smitten with anime, and through anime, with Japanese culture as a whole. My nephew's planning a trip to Japan with friends. I really hope this love for all things Japanese doesn't extend to group suicide!

I also started reading Tolkien's The Children of Hurin. I'm enjoying it a great deal. I'd read the story before, in Unfinished Tales, but it makes a pleasing stand-alone, and I like it better on this second reading.

I spoke to my mother this morning; her fever's above 100 again, but she doesn't seem to feel too bad.

I'm delighted to be back home with Gary, my own cats, my own bed, and my own health club. Now I just have to catch up at work!

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