Sunday, April 29, 2007

Homeward Bound

I'll be leaving for the airport in about forty minutes. I have one very long flight to San Francisco, and then a short hop back to Reno; these are supposed to be on the same plane, although we'll see if it works out that way.

When I went to print out my boarding pass, I realized that I was way back in the plane in a middle seat. Of course, nothing else was available: that's the disadvantage of getting last-minute tickets. So I spent $54 to upgrade to "Economy Plus." I'm still in a middle seat, but I'm supposed to have a few more inches of leg room -- and if I'm going to spend eight hours in that plane, I think it's worth it. I'm also much closer to the front, which will be handy if this is indeed the plane I fly to Reno. I hate having to wait forever to get off a plane after having spent forever on it.

Mom's very tired, but otherwise feeling better than she has. Thanks to everyone who's e-mailed or commented with good thoughts and prayers for us. We really appreciate it!


  1. By now I am hoping you are home or nearly so. VERY glad your Mom is doing well; prayers will continue.

  2. It's wonderful that your mom is well enough for you to return home. I'll keep on praying for her and your family. I bet Gary and the cats were glad to see you.


  3. Thanks, Terri and Lee!


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