Thursday, February 08, 2007

We Got Your Blog Carnivals Right Here

The latest Change of Shift is up, hosted by the always-witty Mother Jones RN. I'm proud to be included.

Also, the Carnival of Hope deadline is 5:00 today: there's still time to send me last-minute posts! Last night I went through what I have so far, and CoH will be unusually large this month. I'm happy to have a lot of good material, but I have much less free time than usual to get it organized and posted. So it probably won't be posted tonight, and may even be posted very late tomorrow . . . and Saturday's not out of the question. The next few days are crammed full of meetings and social stuff, and when I'm not doing all that, I should be grading.

So please be patient with me! I promise that CoH will indeed be posted; I'm just not sure when.

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  1. I forgot all about CoH :(

    How's this?


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