Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grand Rounds, and Not Enough Snow

This week's Grand Rounds is up! I'm delighted to be included, and equally delighted that my friend Inez's hilarious and harrowing post Mammosity is included too. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Inez!

In less happy news, today has not been declared a snow day, much to my and Gary's disappointment. We got a lot of snow last night, and we were both hoping that it would continue well into this morning: I didn't want to have to drive to work in the snow, and Gary didn't want to have to shovel the driveway. But alas, this morning's clear as the proverbial bell, and UNR's open.



  1. Just FYI, I've put up a review of TNB over at my blog!

  2. Thanks for the link (and the submission.)

    Good luck digging out.


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