Friday, February 16, 2007


As I've mentioned here before, Gary tried to get me another magic shirt for Christmas, only to learn that the pattern had been discontinued. I've been doggedly wearing the old one, even though one seam is slightly frayed, but when I got home from the hospital last week, Gary shook his head and said, "That shirt's really faded. You need to get a new one."

So I embarked on an online shopping expedition for a new scrub top.

Gary and I do as much of our shopping online as possible; it's easier and much less stressful than venturing out to stores, and online merchants often have a greater selection than physical stores do. But my early efforts to find new scrubs -- and I browsed nearly every online uniform store -- were incredibly frustrating. I'd find a pattern I liked, only to learn that it wasn't available in my size or that it only came in polyester, rather than my preferred cotton.

This morning, worn down, I finally ordered two tops from Amazon. They're both poly-cotton, and I don't like either of the patterns as well as I like the magic shirt, but they'll do for the moment. I'll find another magic shirt when the time is right. I'm looking for something else with a celestial theme; I found a lovely one with suns and moons, but the color scheme I liked only came in extra-large.

Of course, now that I've ordered these two, a new magic shirt will probably pop up right away. That's how these things generally work. But it can't hurt to have a few backups, right? I haven't been slimed by a patient yet -- and that's not too likely, since I'm a chaplain rather than a medical person -- but it could always happen.

I don't know what I'll do with the old, faded magic shirt. If I were better at sewing, I'd make it into a pillow or a quilt. Maybe I'll cut out a little square and frame it.

Rest in peace, magic shirt. You served me well.

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