Saturday, February 10, 2007

Two New Cat Pix

I haven't been able to satisfy the Balthazar fan club lately, because he won't stay still long enough for me to get anything even remotely in focus. But today I managed to snap an only slightly out-of-focus picture of Bali and Figaro on my rocking chair.

However, I have to say that Figaro's the most photogenic beast in the entire household. Just look at this handsome mug!

In other news, I picked up my rental car today. It's a bizarre vehicle called a Dodge Caliber, sort of like a mini-SUV. I don't like it. It's too big, and the windows are too small, so I have trouble seeing the other cars around me and also have trouble figuring out where the edges of the car are. I'll be very happy when I can return it to the rental agency and get my little Ford back!

However, the Caliber will allow me to get to church, to the assisted-living service, and to the hospital tomorrow, and to several meetings at work on Monday. And these are Good Things.


  1. Great looking kitties, Susan! You are right, Figaro is very photogenic. He looks like he even likes the camera. Still, I look forward to the day you can get one of Bali that is similar to the second photo. I think he might turn out to be a looker too.


  2. Figaro is very handsome indeed! Bali is very cute and looks somewhat like my cat Spectra.


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