Saturday, February 10, 2007

#*&!@* Car!

Remember my car accident in December? The one that occurred at fifteen miles per hour but still left me with a $1,000 repair bill? Well, it turns out that they missed something.

Yesterday the car started making very unhappy noises when I braked. I drove it to the garage yesterday afternoon, but told them that I absolutely needed the car back today. Tomorrow's church, a nursing-home service, and the hospital, and the beginning of next week is all-meetings-and-teaching all the time. I thought I might need new brake pads, or something.

Turns out that the accident bent the hub very, very slightly. They missed it the first time. That bent the rotor and damaged some other stuff. So I'm looking at another $600+ bill, and because one of the parts can only come from Ford -- which is one of two dealerships in town that's closed today -- the repairs won't be done until late Monday.

And I can't be without a car for the next two days; I just can't. So I'll have to rent one. Which is more money.


This is beyond frustrating. We have the money (although I'd rather spend it on other things), and if I had more energy, I suppose I could tell the garage that they should have caught the damage the first time and try to fight the bill. But I'm not inclined to do that. It's human error, and I make mistakes too, and life's too short to pick battles when there are other alternatives.



  1. Sorry to hear about the car - that totally sucks. Hopefully, you'll get the car back sooner rather than later.

    October 31st of '05 my minivan got hit and thrown into guard rails. Thank God no one was hurt and that it was just me in the minivan. It's a Toyota, and Toyota has what's called JIT (just in time) inventory...well, that inventory wasn't so JIT. I had rental coverage for one of the two months I was without a the minivan. But knock on some fake wood, it seems that the vehicle was well repaired. I was worried I'd have to trade it in, but so far so good.

  2. Just found your blog, love the cats. I love your comment about human error..... you sure you're human??? We see so little of that quality.


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