Monday, February 26, 2007

Heeeeere's Harley!

Sir Harlequin informed me this morning that it isn't at all fair for Bali and Figaro to be featured on the blog so often when he's hardly had any portraits posted at all. After all, he is the senior cat in the household, with the thickest and most beautiful fur. He's the cat who rescues the other cats from closets and the garage, and who rescues me from the shower (by racing around the bathroom yowling) and from naps (by prancing on my ribcage until I wake up, because humans who are sleeping during the day can't perform their true calling of feeding cats).

So here's Harley, also known as Harley the Hilarious and Harley the Handsome. And if you think he has a lot of fur here, you should see his belly. The white fur underneath is longer than the black fur on top; my mother always says that he looks like his stuffing is coming out. Also, when he grooms himself, he looks like he's pulling taffy with his tongue, an effect you can see a little bit in these pictures.


  1. Beautiful! I bet stroking his fur is soothing.


  2. What a handsome boy! I can tell that he is a very confident and stately cat.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us.


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