Friday, February 16, 2007

And two more!

Oh, dear. I just ordered two more scrub tops, partly because these are the 100% cotton I've been looking for.

As you can see, these are in put-your-eye-out colors. It's been very grey here today, and I suspect I'm jonesing for brightness, even with my lightbox. I wear them with black slacks, and with a black turtleneck underneath in the winter; I guess the tops are my version of garish vestments. I shouldn't have let myself shop for them until spring -- rather like not going into a supermarket when you're hungry -- except that the magic shirt wouldn't have held out that long. But I at least shouldn't have shopped for them until the sun was out.

Really, this is kind of pathetic. I spend four hours a week max at the hospital: why do I need four scrub tops? One for each week of the month? Well, at least these should last a while, right? Now I just hope they fit! (Although I can return them if they don't.)

My rationale for wearing the magic shirt every single time was that people would learn to recognize it, easing some of the who-are-you-again? thing that happens when medical staff only see you for ten seconds a week. I guess the same general notion will hold now. "Oh, the chaplain? She's the one you can't approach without sunglasses, because her scrub tops will vaporize your corneas."

Kind of like the transfiguration. Only different.

Well, the bright colors should help cheer up patients, just like the magic shirt did. And really, that's most of the point (although I'm careful to maintain the black background, so I'll look at least semi-somber if I have to spend time with grieving families).


  1. No worries, Susan. You're just engaging in retail therapy. It will all stabilize soon (smiling). I like bright colors too, since they're one of the things I can see. It tends to drive certain family members nuts, but that's okay.

  2. Well, yes! I do think you should have a different one for every Sunday in the month. Or one for every mood. You do the difficult and very necessary job of putting yourself aside and helping others; making them feel seen, heard and cared about in a personal way. So whatever makes your job there easier or lifts your spirits as well as those of the patients is more than ok.


  3. I probably shouldn't do this, but I have to recommend a company. It's called Scrub Med, and I confess, I found them because they are local and when I was in nursing school we had to get our scrubs from them (only ones that had exactly that OHSU green).

    Anyway, they are on line, all their patterned tops are 100% cotton, they use great prints they have my fav, V neck, 3 pocket tops, they are very well made (which means they're not the cheapest ones out there) and they will alter them for you. (Check out "Celestial Night")


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