Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day at Grand Rounds

Jenni of Chronic Babe has done a sweet job on this week's Grand Rounds, with a theme of Valentine's Day treats. I'm delighted to be included and look forward to reading the other posts.

I haven't even had time to read my regular blogroll today, though! I had a couple of meetings at work, and then went swimming, and then we took Balthazar to the vet for his first shots. He behaved like a champ -- he was very calm in the doctor's office -- and she says he seems really healthy. Hurrah!

My car, on the other hand, is still in the shop, and I can't get it back until late tomorrow. So I'm still driving the rental, although I'm more comfortable with it now.

Last night's hospital shift was very busy (my census was 83, which is close to my highest-ever count of 89), but there were no codes, thank goodness. It was one of the nights when patients seemed to be glad I was there, and that's always a good feeling. One of my most touching visits was with a patient who's in very bad shape and going into a pretty risky clinical trial, but whose faith puts mine to shame. If I were in this patient's place, I suspect I'd be doing my best Job imitation, cursing God from my dungheap. Serenity would be in very short supply, but this patient radiated it.


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  1. That's the second time in the last 24 hours that I've been reminded of the story of Job. (Hmmmm...)


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