Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Headless Susan and the Button Scarf of Doom

Here's another one: much longer than the first, as you can see. I knit this from mystery wool. My local art-supply place sells unlabeled yarn in varying quantities, and I got about a bajillion yards of this stuff for $7 (after knitting the scarf, I still have at least a third of the yarn left).

I think the zig-zag pattern's fun. Finding matching buttons was surprisingly hard, since most of the tans I found were grayer than I needed. Also, since it's cheap, scratchy yarn, I didn't want to get really fancy buttons. But these match nicely and weren't expensive at all, even if they're a bit monochrome.

Since it's cheap, scratchy yarn, I'm keeping the scarf, which will also have to be worn with a turtleneck so as not to chafe my neck to bits. But it will be a nice warm thing for winter (modelling it was a bit much this evening; we got into the low nineties here today, and although the desert cools off when the sun goes down, it's still not turtleneck-with-a-wool-scarf weather).

I may very well use this same pattern, in a shorter length and in much nicer yarn, for some Christmas or birthday gifts. It knits up quickly, and my loved ones who appreciate funky stuff would like it, I think.

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  1. That mystery yarn is something else. I got some quite a while back. I wonder what the heck they put in there?


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