Saturday, June 04, 2011

Button Scarf

Here's the new button scarf. Turns out it's long enough to work as a short scarf without buttons, but I think the buttons add visual interest, and they're fun to play with. I couldn't get my webcam to include my face in this photo, but it's probably the best shot of the scarf itself.

I'm experimenting with different ways of buttoning the scarf. The advantage of the lace pattern is that almost any point on the scarf can serve as a buttonhole.

The first time I sewed on the buttons, the edges of the button end tended to stick out in unsightly ways. And then the buttons started coming loose, because it turned out I'd never learned how to sew a button on properly.

So today I read an internet tutorial on the proper way to sew a button, and now I think they're much more secure. I ran out of the yarn I used to knit the scarf -- although the tutorial said one should use thread, anyway -- and I didn't have thread in the right colors, but I had some old embroidery wool of my mother's that matched.

I used a different color wool for each button. If I decide that's too goofy, I'll redo them again, but right now I like the effect.

Here's the "wrapped around the neck twice for maximum warmth" style, which I'll normally only use if I'm outside in cold weather (although it's once again rainy and chilly here, and I could've sworn I saw fresh snow up in the mountains).

I'm really happy with how this came out. I tend to love knitting things but to be a little bored with the final products, so I'm enjoying having so much fun with a finished piece.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous... I think I like the first and last styles the best. What a talented person you are!

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    Completely off topic, but I love your shorty=short hair!


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