Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Younger Every Year

We've all seen those annual lists of the world according to college freshman. Such lists remind ancient professors that for kids born eighteen years ago, "text" has always been a verb, or whatever.

No matter how carefully we study the lists, though, the incoming students have ways of shocking us. One of my colleagues -- a good deal younger than I am, mind you -- said today, "I made a reference to Madonna, and they'd never heard of her."


  1. But...she's still alive and producing!! That's frightening. Can't imagine what reaction we'd get if we referenced Guy Lombardo. Who?? One of these days you'll find yourself teaching in rap because that's all your students can understand. Can you dance?

  2. It would be worse if your colleague referenced Shakespeare and the student said, "Who?!"

    Your colleague could have just replied, "Lady Gaga's 'pop culture' grand-mother."

  3. Ha, even my uni freshmen here in Korea have all heard of Madonna, though they link her more naturally to Marilyn Monroe than to Lady Gaga. But they all know about and like Lady Gaga... grumble grumble.


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