Thursday, August 12, 2010


First of all, the sun was out today. Hurrah! Before class, I ambled down to Shattuck Avenue, my face turned to the sun whenever possible, and then ambled back up to campus again. It was good to get some exercise, and even better to get some exercise in the sun.

Before class, both of the instructors and most of the students sat outside, soaking up sun. Then we went inside, and class went better than yesterday, although I still yearn for concrete guidelines I (and others) hope will be forthcoming tomorrow. We spent the last hour of class sitting outside, in the sun.

After class, I ambled back down to Shattuck with a classmate -- a chaplain who works with the families of organ donors -- and we had dinner together at a restaurant called Poulet that specializes in chicken. It was a very satisfying meal, with good conversation about chaplaincy, life, and the course. We have very similar takes on the class, which I think is reassuring to both of us.

After dinner, we ambled to Andronico's, where I bought coffee and my friend bought fruit and I bought a dark chocolate bar with ginger which we split. We both agreed that this was permissible, because dark chocolate is healthfood. She'd never had dark chocolate with ginger. She loved it.

After we ambled back to the dorm, I finished one pair of socks (for myself, from scrap yarn) and started another. I should have been doing schoolwork, either for the class (we have two small writing assignments, one due tomorrow) or for the beginning of the semester, but that will all have to get done some other time. To answer Claire's question in her last comment, this isn't exactly a vacation -- the class is work, and I brought a lot of work with me, since the UNR semester begins a week from Monday -- but I kind of took today as a vacation day anyhow, what with all the ambling and knitting and sun-soakage and chocolate. I'll pay dearly for it later, but it sure felt good. I've been trying and trying to be productive here, with very limited success, and it was a relief to let myself off the hook for a few hours.

My chaplain classmate, after listening to the string of losses I've gone through over the last few years, shook her head and said something to the effect that if I weren't a little off-kilter right now, she'd be worried about me. Roger that.

Very thick fog began to roll in as it got dark this evening, so I doubt that we'll have sunshine tomorrow, at least in the morning when I'm free to amble. But I can hang on through another dreary day if I have to, since -- God and the CHP willing -- I'll be back in sunny Reno sometime Saturday.


  1. All's well that ends well.
    Thank goodness for sunshine. What a healing affect it can have on body and soul.

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Mmmm - dark chocolate with ginger!



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