Saturday, August 07, 2010

Codes: 0. Births: 1.

The hospital where I volunteer has recently started the lovely practice of playing a snippet of Brahms' Lullaby on the PA system whenever a baby is born. I was in the ER today when we heard the familiar chords; everyone looked up and smiled.

What a great thing to do! If we hear a blaring announcement whenever someone's in grim shape, good news should be just as audible.

And, even better, I didn't hear any codes today.


  1. Heather11:00 PM

    Speaking of fantastic music have you heard of Mumford & Sons? I just stumbled on to them and am totally addicted. As a fellow folk lover I thought you might enjoy them as well - a British folk/bluegrass sound that is amazing. Here's a link:

  2. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Glad you had a good day at the hospital!


  3. Sounds like a good ratio.

  4. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Awww . . . now I'm all misty!


  5. Nurse Bear10:20 AM

    Our hospital did that too, just before i left. It can be a bit bittersweet when you've just finished a code and hear those chords, but it's a nice reminder, too--as Richard Thompson would say, 'one door opens, another shuts behind.'


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