Friday, August 20, 2010

Progress Report

All syllabi are now basically done, although I need to do final proofreading and edits and then go to work to photocopy for ninety-eight hours. I know some instructors post e-syllabi, and I have most of my course readings on e-reserve, but I still like paper syllabi so the students have a physical object to consult.

As of last night, fifty-three people are coming to my 50th birthday party on Labor Day. Yay! As I've told some friends, my fear has always been, "What if I gave a birthday party and nobody came?", so this is very heartening. (And I'm expecting more folks from work and church, although inevitably, some who've RSVPed yes won't show.) My friend Wendy from grad school is flying down from Seattle for the party, and my friend Ellen's driving up from San Francisco with her two boys. Ken's wife Carol may even come.

I think Gary's deeply alarmed by the idea of all these people, but they'll be spread out over four hours, and we're going to have balls and frisbees and crayons and bubble-blowing stuff -- all courtesy of the dollar store -- for the kids. Liz suggested that we have the food catered so Gary won't have to cook so much. We may check into that; we'll probably have a mix of home-cooked and store-bought stuff, and some people will bring things. There's always too much food at parties like this, so I'm not worried.

We're paying Charlene to play for two hours, which will be a blast. People can even dance if they want to: our all-dirt-all-the-time backyard should be good for that, if no one minds getting a little dusty. (Gary and I don't dance, but I enjoy watching other people.)

In the meantime, classes start on Monday, when I teach until 5:15. At 6:30, there's a meeting at church to discuss Next Steps, including possible formation of base communities. Yesterday, our temporary rector called me to ask a) if I know where I'm going yet, b) if I want to continue lay preaching, and c) if there's anything he can do to help me in that goal. I'm not sure where I'm going, but the place where I think I'm going is also the place where, I suspect, I have the best shot at being able to preach (I used to guest preach there fairly regularly). So I'm not very worried, but it was very nice of the rector to ask me about it.

I haven't knit in days, but I hope to get back to it when the class prep is finally done.

Finally: Knee good today. Back cranky. Sigh.


  1. Have you considered starting Course Blogs?

  2. I'm going down to Santa Clara for the weekend on Friday, but I should be back in town for the party on Monday.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you will have a great 50th birthday celebration on Labor Day weekend. I noticed you do some lay preaching and I want to commend you. We need more lay people willing to do this. Too many churches rely on the "professionals" who are sometimes out of touch with real life. So keep up the good work.
    You might want to pick up a copy of the book, Developing Leadaership Teams in the Bivocational Church, which has six fun and easy to use lessons on lay preaching. It may be stuff you already know but it may not be. It is also a great gift to give to others who may be considering lay preaching.
    You can find it on or at

    Terry Dorsett


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