Monday, August 16, 2010

Large Objects

Our new fridge arrived today, finally, a month after we ordered it. Not only can you set the ice-cube maker to create cubes of three different sizes, but it has a water dispenser (inside, not outside). Also, maybe now our frozen stuff will stay frozen. We're happy and relieved, although Gary inadvertently discarded some meat with the old fridge. Bali, who demands tributes of meat whenever Gary cooks, was probably more upset about this than we were.

Also today, I finally finished (I hoped) my application for a "professional development leave" for 2011-12. This is what used to be called a sabbatical, but although we can only apply for a leave every seven years (as in your traditional Biblical sabbath), getting one is a competitive process where a committee sits down and ranks applicants' research proposals. During the leave, successful candidates have to do the research they've proposed. Since none of this is exactly restful -- although it's still a wonderful perk -- the powers that be have wisely changed the nomenclature.

I hope the university is still awarding leaves. Given the budget situation, that's iffy. Given the competition, any applicant's chances are iffy, even if the leaves do still exist. But at least I finished the application. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also dealt, or tried to deal, with an annoying administrative glitch from last semester, and got a teensy amount of course prep done for next week. Miles to go before I sleep, and all that, but I feel marginally more like a functioning academic than I did yesterday.

However, my knee's bad. I did half an hour on the elliptical today, because ellipticals are easy on the knees and I have to exercise every day; working out is essential for my mood, my back, and my weight (which, if only slightly reduced, will also reduce pressure on the knee). Afterwards, though, my knee hurt even after being iced, and walking's become mildly unpleasant, whereas only stairs were before. Stairs are now more than mildly unpleasant. Have I mentioned that we live in a two-story house? I'm avoiding NSAIDs, other than my standard arthritis meds, because they chew up my stomach. The knee isn't swollen, at least, but I'm told that doesn't mean much.

Tomorrow I see my new orthopedist. Yay! I really, really hope he'll have some answers and workable solutions for me. Not-quite-fifty is way too young for a joint to be this crotchety.


  1. Congrats on the new fridge. Ah, modern conveniences.
    Good luck with the new orthopedist.

  2. congratulations on the new fridge. maybe it's non-sequitur hour or maybe i'm too lazy right now (tired?, yeah, that sounds better) to attach this comment to the conversation where it belongs, but you can see the pictures from yesterday here:

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM


    People SAY the elliptical is easy on the knees, and compared to, say, running, it is. But a physical therapist advised me against it because my knees aren't up to it. Try bike, it's easier. If you can do recumbent bike, that's better for the back. If not, limit to 20 minutes max (probably a good idea on account of your knees anyway). Either way, as soon as you're done, stretch out your quads and ice for 10 minutes. Welcome to my world.




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