Saturday, August 14, 2010


The trip home went amazingly smoothly. There was a bit of Sonoma/Napa traffic, but once I got past that, it was clear sailing. My side of the road had no slowdowns in the mountains, even though traffic on the other side was completely stopped. Hurrah!

I stopped in Auburn for food and gas, and wound up making yet another Discretionary Purchase: a silver river-rock ring, handcrafted and very cool looking.

Here at home, I've laid lotsa hugs on the hubby and the cats (not at the same time!), and unpacked, and made long-overdue progress on a project proposal due Monday. Bali was especially happy to see me, and expressed his joy by chewing a hole in the nylon webbing inside my suitcase. This is why we call him our puppy-cat. He chews everything, although he prefers plastic and metal to leather or wood. He loves to gnaw on jewelry, belt buckles, and plastic water bottles. What an utterly strange little animal.

Even with the depredations of the Toothed Terror, I'm reveling in my own space, in comfortable seating, and in our sunny dry climate, even if it's hotter than blazes. Not to mention Gary's cooking!

Yay, home!


  1. Welcome home. And such a positive note compared to earlier in the week. Cats that chew things? Yes, we had our Rocky cat (so named because of his rocky start n life) and he used to chew on the cedar side tables my dad made. One corner of the one table is now round because I had to sand it down to get rid of the splinters of wood sticking out of it.
    How about a shot of that fabulous ring you bought?

  2. Home IS best.

    Hope your cat leaves electrical cords alone.

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Very glad to hear the trip home was so much easier than the trip out! And love your description of Bali cat.



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