Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Planks and Pots

We went with the second contractor, who'll start ripping out our old deck tomorrow, with the help of his daughter and nephew. We like supporting family businesses!

Speaking of which, today I did the Great Pottery Tour of 2010, with Dad's ashes along for the ride. I wound up ordering two pieces. At Planet X, way the heck out in the Nevada desert, I commissioned a short, wide pencil cup with trees drawn on the outside. Dad's ashes will go into the reddish glaze. At Peavine Pottery, I ordered a squat, asymetrical pot with a turned tulipwood lid, and a combination gold/iridescent and maroon glaze. Dad will be part of the clay on that one, and the potter's going to call me when he's ready to throw the piece so I can watch him work the ash into the clay. Oh, he also turns hardwood knitting needles! They're special order, though, and I'm sure I can't afford them.

Neither potter fires in the summer -- too hot -- so I'll have to wait until fall for both pieces. But that's okay.

I think both the potters thought I was a little cracked (they both make urns to hold ashes, but incorporating the ash into the piece is less common). I told the second one -- who knew I'd also commissioned a piece from the first -- "I can just imagine Dad rolling his eyes at this," and he said tersely, "Yes. I can too."

But hey, they're getting business and I'm supporting local artists, so it's all good.

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