Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Adventures in Veterinary Care

So our vet, a petite and demure young woman, showed up at our house this morning with her stethoscope, rabies vaccine, and a trank shot just in case. Bali was feeling sociable and actually walked up to sniff her; he also deigned to accept chin rubs, scritchies, and comments on his beauty.

I think Harley was jealous, because he kept vying for the vet's affection by rubbing against her ankles, even though he hated her when he was in her office yesterday.

After enough pleasantries had been exchanged, the doc picked up Bali and put him on our coffee table to examine him. He was unhappy, but things went fairly well until she tried to take his temperature. Bali let out a screaming howl and twisted away from her and Gary; Harley let out a matching howl and dove in to attack Bali, which he's been doing lately despite always having been a mellow guy. The two cats chased each other through the house, hissing and yowling. Fur flew, literally. Gary managed to grab Harley and shut him in the downstairs bathroom, where he continued his air-raid siren routine. Bali, meanwhile, had fled to safety on top of our seven-foot bookcases.

Note to self: The next time the vet comes over, move the kitty condo so the cats can't use it as a ladder to get to the bookcases.

So there was Bali, seven feet above the floor, with no intention of getting down. Gary climbed up on a chair and tried to make nice. Bali growled. Gary got down. The petite, demure vet climbed up on the chair and tried to make nice, cooing, "Hey, dude, you still need your rabies shot, so we've got to get you down from there."

We tried coaxing him with toys and catnip. He wasn't having any of it. "Would a towel help?" I asked the vet.

"Sure. Do you have a big bath towel?"

I gave her a big bath towel. She showed it to Bali and then, in several calm, fluid moves, managed to throw it over him, wrap it under him, and get him down from the bookcase while he fought furiously.

"Wow," Gary and I said in unison. "You're good at that!"

"Kitty burrito," she said cheerfully, lugging the lunging bundle -- which looked at least half as big as she was -- back to the coffee table. "We do this all the time."

Bali got his shot. Harley got let out of the bathroom. The vet left: we'll get her bill later. Gary and I mopped our brows and let out sighs of relief. All the cats are vaccinated for another year. Thanks be to God!

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  1. Amen.

    I took my sister's cat to the vet the other day after she was attacked by a neighbour's cat. The assistant wasn't nearly as competent with the towel as your vet is...perhaps it's a top secret class in vet school.


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