Monday, June 21, 2010


We're told that the new deck should be finished by Friday. Meanwhile, we've been feverishly buying patio furniture: two Adirondeck chairs on sale at WorldMarket (red, since that was Dad's favorite color), a mesh glider from Lowe's, a 7-piece dining set from Home Depot. All of the seating is very comfortable. The table's a little more rickety than we'd like, but it will do.

In a fancy garden/patio store in town, we saw the patio set of our dreams: a gorgeous, huge oval teak table that seats twelve on four three-person benches. Beautiful: and for $4,000, it certainly should be! So we passed on that in favor of the Home Depot stuff for one-tenth the price.

With the new stuff plus our old stuff, we'll have various kinds of deck seating for sixteen people. That's a bit much for the two of us, or even the small Dad party, but it's a good number for my fiftieth birthday party on Labor Day.

Yesterday I felt very low -- it was Father's Day, of course -- and today I'm still droopy and tired. But this too shall pass.

Oh, today's the thirteenth anniversary of Gary's arrival in Reno! Also, the summer solstice. Happy summer solstice! Does anyone else find it ironic that the days get shorter during the summer? I always feel like that should only happen in the fall.

No matter: we'll still have plenty of sunlight for the new deck!

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  1. I felt a little bad myself yesterday and then I decided to do a tribute to my Dad on my blog. After that, I felt a wee bit better and was able to make fathers day special for my hubbie. We are Daddies girls aren't we?


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