Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A little before noon yesterday, I sent my new poem to The Yale Journal of Humanities in Medicine. Half an hour later, the poetry editor wrote back to say they'd take it.

Dang. I was prepared to wait months!

Since this is an online journal, I'll post the link to the poem when they post it.


  1. Congratulations! You've definitely been in need of good news.

  2. Way to go, Susan! I've not heard about your poetry or book-in-the=works in a while now. I'm so glad that you are still finding time to write. Any news on that booklet of sonnets?

    Hope! & Hugs!

  3. Hello my name is Michael. I have seen your blog and it is perfect. We follow your blog from Greece and I wish you good fun and joy
    A simple life, simple happiness
    Greetings. Michael

  4. You might also check out the Bellevue Literary Review, which publishes stories, poems and nonfiction related to medical issues. Its edited by a friend of ours, Danielle Ofri, who is both a practicing physician and writer. The review is actually published by the hospital (yes, *that* Bellevue!)

  5. Hey, Lee! Good to hear from you! As a matter of fact, I have three poems on submission at BLR, and I'm reading their "Best of" volume right now, and loving it. Very cool that you know Danielle Ofri. Small world!


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