Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock, Meet Hard Place

Yesterday I swam and got some schoolwork done. Today I woke up early and managed to work out and stop briefly by Dad's before church. I came home feeling very virtuous and planning to get a lot more work done, and hit a wall.

Or a semipermeable membrane, anyway. I did get grading done -- including class prep for tomorrow -- but not as much as I wanted or needed to do. Right now I should either be grading or writing my Ash Wednesday homily, but instead I just want to sleep. That's probably understandable after the latest Stanford trip, not to mention the sheer emotional turmoil of the last five months. The problem, though, is that all the tasks piled in front of me really do need to get done.

This coming week in particular is Hell Week -- multiple obligations every day -- and I can't get out of them. Or, let's say, the ones I could get out of (like preaching) are the ones I don't want to get out of, and the ones I'd rather get out of (like meetings at work), I can't get out of.

I'll probably opt for sleep over productivity, since I always do, and since I'm always more productive when fully rested, anyway. I'm just not sure I have enough hours to do what I need to do.

Three more weeks until break, not that it will be much of a break. I think I can, I think I can.

Gahhhh. On which note, time to stop wasting time blogging!

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  1. Dear Susan, when you blog, exercise, preach, or do any of the things you so love, even sleep, you're sharpening your saw. Work will go better because of it.

    Can't wait to read your Ash Wednesday homily. I'm singing in the choir for the evening Ash Wednesday service. First time for that service at church. Yay!



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