Saturday, February 07, 2009

Reno: The Final Frontier

Today my friend Arthur, who's on the committee trying to bring the World Science Fiction Convention to Reno in 2011, e-mailed me to say that Seattle, the major competition, has withdrawn their bid. It now looks highly likely that Reno will indeed host the convention, barring a last-minute bid from some other city.

This would be seriously cool, since Gary and I could attend WorldCon -- something I never get to do, since it always conflicts with the beginning of the fall semester -- and lots and lots of our friends would be coming here. I hope it happens!

For more information, see the Reno in 2011 website.


  1. This was SO FUN when we had it in San Antonio! Congratulations! Are you planning on being involved?

  2. Right now I'm busy flipping back and forth between doing a happy dance and freaking out. :)


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