Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Cheer-Up-Alan Project

One of my faithful readers asked if I'd send her Dad's address so she could send him the occasional note or card. (Thanks, Leslie!) The problem with this is that I have a deeply ingrained instinct against giving out street addresses; and, anyway, Dad can't read anymore, because his vision's really bad.

But if anyone wants to e-mail me a nice note for Dad, I'd be delighted to read it to him! I actually think this is a fabulous idea.

Please keep your messages secular, since he's completely anti-religious. All kinds of people are praying for him, and I'm more grateful for that than I can say, but we'll keep it our little secret, okay? The goal here is not to raise his blood pressure precipitously!

I won't be offended if anyone doesn't do this -- we're all super-busy, and writing to someone you don't know is a little awkward -- but I'll be very touched if anyone does.

My e-mail address is susanpal (at) aol (dot) com.

Thank you!


  1. Susan, I know this isn't the time to talk about expensive toys, but if your dad used to be a reader, you might consider investing in one of the new Kindle's for him as they have a text-to-voice function.

    That said, does he get any talking books for the blind? I believe that there are some newspapers and periodicals that get read as well, and if he qualifies it's a free service.

  2. Not a problem. Be watching your email later today!

    (And hugs to you, too.)


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