Thursday, October 02, 2008


As of today:

I've knit every day but one for the past year. (The one day I didn't knit was a day when I was so busy that I realized only as I was falling asleep that I hadn't knit that day. There were other days, although not many, when I didn't feel like knitting -- usually because I was sick -- but on those days, I made myself knit at least one row.)

I've volunteered 700 hours, spread over four years, at the hospital. Ironically, this week I got my 500-hour pin, given out at an awards luncheon last month I was unable to attend. After 500 hours, you don't get another pin until 1,000 hours. There are people who've served over 7,000 hours, and who've been volunteering for over thirty years. Wow!

My own modest milestones aren't heroic achievements, but they make me happy. Also, this morning I tracked down some medical care Fran will need when she gets here and made an appointment for her. When I called her to let her know about the appointment, she said, laughing, "If you ever need a kidney, I'm your gal."

I certainly hope it won't come to that!


  1. Susan,

    Congratulations on your 700 hours of volunteering and 364 days of knitting. You've also had over 2 years of blogging which I noticed, after the fact, that neither of us remembered. Congratulations on that too and on building so many rewarding relationships from both your blogging and your volunteering.



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