Friday, October 17, 2008


Dad moved out of his apartment this morning, and is staying with my sister tonight before flying to Sacramento tomorrow. But my sister just called me from her car to say that he's on his way to the hospital because he had a choking fit and may have stopped breathing. He came around when the paramedics gave him oxygen, and seems like himself, but it's still alarming.

And I have no idea what the chances are of his making his flight tomorrow.



Well, he was determined to leave the hospital tonight, but a very persuasive ER doctor talked him into staying overnight for observation. He was unconscious for a little too long, and they don't know what caused it; the ER doc said that if it happens while he's in the hospital, they can fix it, but if he left, he might not wake up tomorrow morning.

So he's determined to leave tomorrow morning, instead. He's nothing if not stubborn!


  1. Ummm..slim to none. Have you got any plans on putting procedures in place should this happen again, now that he'll be living in the same town as you? It might be proactive, and comforting, to know what to do if he has an attack in your presence.


  2. Hi, Lee!

    If he has an attack in my presence, I'd do the same thing my sister did: call 911.

    Thanks for the prayers!


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