Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Meet Myrtle the Turtle!


Heeeeere's Myrtle! That's Janet's foot keeping her from wandering into the shrubberies, and also Janet's voice commenting on her care and feeding.

Turtles aren't slow. Don't believe anyone who tells you they are!

There were various moments when Myrtle, hilariously, came nose-to-nose with assorted dogs (a situation she handled much more calmly than the kitten did), but I didn't manage to get photos or video of any of those. Oh well!


  1. I had a pari of first grade girls choose as their science project the question "Why are turtles slow?" They looked up information about turtles and brought Q's brother's turtle to school for a demonstration.

    The class sat in a circle around the carpet to watch the turtle go slow as the girls place him in the center. And the tutle took of like a flash.

  2. Yay Myrtle! We've missed Myrtle news at the office ever since Janet went to work for the state budget office.


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