Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mea Culpa

Yes, I know: I've been terrible!

On Saturday we drive to Sacramento to pick up my father, and on Sunday Fran arrives in Reno. So I've been busy getting ready for that -- and I'm not ready yet, since my study's still a disaster! -- and I've also had a perfect storm of school stuff: I just finished grading my first batch of Women & Lit papers, in addition to 63 papers from the first-year medical-school class (this is on top of my ordinary weekly grading), and on Tuesday I did a short presentation at the med school, pushing our summer Narrative Medicine elective, and then facilitated a Literature & Medicine discussion group at one of the local hospitals.

It's all very satisfying, but I've been busy. Not only haven't I blogged for days, but I haven't knit for days! So you know it's serious!

I'll try to be better from now on, honest. And I hope everyone's well!

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