Thursday, October 16, 2008

Driving/Moving Help

I just posted this to our church e-mail list, and also sent it out at work, but I'm posting it here too, in case any Reno readers can help out.


Hi, all! As some of you are aware, my elderly disabled dad and his girlfriend (also elderly and not in great shape) are moving here this weekend. On Tuesday 10/21, Gary and I plan to move them into their new apartment with minimal furnishings, as their moving vans won't have arrived yet. We have a bed and some tables and chairs for them, and I'm going to rent a U-Haul van to move the stuff, which won't fit in my car.

Here's the hitch: I'm the only driver in this group (Dad's friend still drives, but I'm not sure I want her driving my car, especially since she needs double cataract surgery). If I leave my car at the U-Haul place, I'll have no way to transport three other adults to the new digs without making multiple trips. So I'd like to ask if anyone can come with me to the U-Haul place, drive my car back to my house when I drive the U-Haul back, and then drive two other people to the new apartment in my car.

At that point, your work should be done, since another friend will be showing up with his truck (hauling a daybed for the new place) and can help us unload.

This should take two or three hours, tops, and we'll be indebted to you for life. (Other payment or bribes of Gary's homecooked food may also be possible.) We'd like to do this in the morning, but can be flexible depending on your schedule.

If anyone's available, please let me know. I know the timing's tricky, since it's a workday.



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