Thursday, October 23, 2008

Got Lists?

Today's Discoveries:

1. Being in the ED as a chaplain is much, much more pleasant than being there as a family member, especially during a relatively calm shift.

2. If one hasn't knit in almost a week and goes to the hospital gift shop to find something for one's father, and sees on a shelf a cutesy little scarf-knitting kit with actually fairly attractive yarn, one will experience acute knitting withdrawal, characterized by painfully itching fingers and an overwhelming desire to count stitches.

3. Knitting at one's father's bedside while watching TV with him (after going home, eating dinner, and fetching one of several current knitting projects) is much, much more pleasant than going through knitting withdrawal.

Tomorrow's Plans:

1. As early as possible, contact hospital to learn plans for Dad. These most probably consist, at this point, either of keeping him where he is (because his blasted wound is still oozing, even after the epinephrine) or sending him to a rehab unit (since he's very weak, and it took three nurses to get him on his feet today).

2. At nine a.m. or thereabouts, drop Gary at Fran and Dad's apartment so he can wait for FedEx package containing Dad's precious Bose radio while Susan drives Fran to the eye-doctor for a 10:00 appointment estimated to last several hours.

3. After dropping Fran back at the apartment and driving Gary back home, attend meetings at work from 1:45 to 5:00.

4. If there's any spare time between #2 and #3, a) have copies of apartment keys made so Fran, Dad, and Gary&Susan can all have a set, and b) try to get some grading done.

I think I'm forgetting something in there. I'd love to be able to add a swim to this list, but that seems very unlikely. I have to swim on Saturday, since my back's started whining. I haven't been swimming since last Saturday, before we drove to Sacramento to pick Dad up, although I did manage to get a walk in yesterday morning.

I really hope things settle down soon (ha! ha!), because -- among many other reasons -- I'm beginning to get a mite cranky, although a nice swim will probably fix that.

And for your viewing amusement, here's a photo of one of two matching sculptures in the baggage-claim area of the Sacramento Airport (which Gary called "a whimsical yet understaffed airport," because we both loved the sculptures but were annoyed by the fact that no personnel from Dad's airline were available to give me a gate pass).

This sculpture seems like a fitting metaphor for my life at the moment! And yes, I know, things could be much worse. I'll be less whiny when I've had some sleep.

And on that note, good night!


  1. Hope your Dad gets better soon..

  2. It always amazes me when someone goes into super efficient mode. Sounds like you've done that three times over, Susan!

    Prayers for your Dad's healing and your peace and calm.

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!

  3. unrelated to your post, but in case you haven't been sent this link 100 times already, there's an article in the New York Times about narrative medicine:


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