Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Latest

Dad's pacemaker implantation went well yesterday, thank goodness, although he already seems annoyed and impatient with the fact that he can't move his left arm while he heals (and won't be able to lift it over his head for a month).

Meanwhile, his doctor now thinks he needs a valve replacement, which would entail open-heart surgery -- ugh! -- and I'm still leaving lots of phone messages at the VA to try to get him in to see a doc for followup care.

Gary and I, along with assorted wonderful friends -- thank you! thank you! -- got the temporary furniture moved into the new apartment yesterday morning, so Fran's staying there now instead of at our house. She likes it a lot, even minimally furnished. The nicest thing in the whole place right now is the daybed some friends of us gave her, which is where she's sleeping. (We also have a double bed for Dad.)

As of yesterday, Dad and his nurse both believed he'd be coming home today. Fran and I are slightly skeptical, simply given his age. On the other hand, I know that hospitals try to move elderly people out especially quickly, because of the danger of hospital-acquired infections. I've told his nurse that he'll need both home oxygen and home healthcare, but I'm fully expecting to be told that I need to call the VA about that stuff, too.

Fran took us out for both lunch and dinner yesterday, which was awfully nice of her, given her terribly limited budget.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Oh, the guy who lives down the hall from the new apartment has an adorable black kitten who likes to roam the hallways, and over whom Gary and I cooed and burbled several times yesterday. Everything's better with kittens.


  1. Susan, glad to hear that things are coming along and that Fran is happily living in her own place now. Yes, that open heart surgery sounds scary but I'm sure you will all make the right choices.

    I've started reading The Study of Liturgy (verger training - see Busy Doings at Church post for details), which sounds like something you'd enjoy if you haven't already read it.

    Peace! Hope! & Joy!

  2. Yikes, never a dull moment. The VA tends to be pretty variable, I think, in its response. I hope you don't have one of the "we can get you in in six weeks" VA clinics out there...

  3. Thanks, Lee! And Terri, yep, they can get us in on 11/20. His Medicare will cover home health, but not home oxygen, which he needs because his sats fall to 80 on room air. (!) But VA folks will call us if there's an earlier appointment (and I'm going to call them every day, just to be safe).

  4. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Susan, so sorry to learn of all these challenges. I've had many myself the last month, so haven't been following your blog.

    You are all in my prayers.



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