Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Well, I got through my perfect storm. Preaching went fine on Sunday, and the first week of classes seems to have gone fine too, and I got Grand Rounds posted and have gotten some good feedback on it. Nick Genes did a nice pre-rounds interview with me on MedScape, but right now, it's subscription-only. I'll post another link when everyone can access it.

As anticipated, Grand Rounds has done wonders for my SiteMeter stats. My average number of daily hits zoomed from 127 to 160 overnight, and today I've gotten over 400 hits, which I believe is a record.

If I ever host Grand Rounds again -- and I'd like to! -- I'll a) do it during the summer and b) be much more organized about setting it up ahead of time. I might even get creative with pictures and stuff, as so many other hosts do. This time, it was all I could do to get the links where I wanted them!

Oh, and: I finally have my TTLB ecosystem status displayed! They fixed a bunch of stuff, so at long last I managed to get to the code and post it. The entire world can now know that I'm proud to be a Slimy Mollusc. One day I hope to make it to Flippery Fish, although I may slip back to the level of Lowly Insect. I just hope I don't devolve back into an Insignificant Microbe!

In much grimmer news, a UNR professor who's been missing since August 10 is now believed to have been murdered (they found a body that matches her description, hundreds of miles from here). I didn't know her, but after what happened to Doug -- although of course, we really don't know what happened to Doug -- this strikes awfully close to home.

Gary's made me promise to be extra-careful on campus, although I always am anyway. I'm sure she was, too. Most of the women I know are: we learn hypervigilance with our mother's milk.

It doesn't always help.

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