Friday, August 03, 2007

We're in Berkeley!

We've arrived safely in Berkeley, have checked into our very comfortable dorm suite, and are now waiting for programming to start. Gary's working on a book review for our local pet magazine, and I'm (obviously) blogging.

Last night we stayed with my friend Ellen and her son Paul; her mom and dad had dinner with us, and her mother cooked up a fabulous meal. Paul, who'll be four in September, is very energetic and very funny. He loves cars, and Ellen just got a new Saab station wagon, so before she even got home from work, he'd dragged Gary and me down to the garage to go sit in the new car. He wanted to push the garage-door opener, but we didn't let him. ("But Mommy says I can do it when she's here!" "But she's not here yet, Paul!")

When Ellen got home, he ran joyously upstairs to greet her, and asked for the car keys.


We all had the feeling that he'd know what to do with them, too! But of course she told him they weren't toys. A few hours later, after I'd come in from moving my car into a better parking position, Paul asked for my car keys, and also asked me to show him where they went. He's nothing if not persistent!

Isn't he supposed to hold off on asking for the car keys until he's sixteen?

He also loves vacuum cleaners. During our previous visit, he'd dragged us down to the basement to show us the big vacuum cleaner (Ellen's real one) and the little vacuum cleaner (his toy one). Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, Paul came into our room and saw my CPAP gear on the bed. "That goes downstairs!" he said, and started to grab it, just as Ellen came in and said, "No, Paul, sweetie, I know that looks like part of the vacuum cleaner, but it's Aunt Susan's special sleeping machine."

I told Ellen about my sister's comment that the CPAP looks like a cross between a jock strap and a vacuum cleaner, and she laughed.

We're really enjoying being in Berkeley, which is much cooler than Reno! I don't know how much I'll be blogging this weekend, but I'll try to provide at least periodic updates.

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  1. Everyone asks for the car before they are 16. It's a question of whether they get it.

    Best to The Sainted Ellen and her Aspiring Vacuum Cleaner.


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