Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Quick Check-In

We're having a great time. We've gone to lots of good panels and readings and presentations. Last night we watched a very funny performance called "Lord of the Ringos:" Beatles songs Tolkienefied ("I'm looking through you" sung to Frodo after he's put on the Ring, for instance).

My reading yesterday -- of a long, experimental piece -- went much better than I'd dared hope. Only a few people came, since I was up against the major panel on the conference theme, but the nine or so who showed up were emphatically enthusiastic. I hadn't even known if there might be a market for this thing; several people there suggested that I send it to The New Yorker. (!!!) Er, well . . . I guess the worst that could happen is a rejection slip.

At any rate, they certainly all followed it and understood what I was trying to do, which was my main concern. And folks who'd been there came up to me even hours afterwards to compliment me on it. So that was a huge relief.

Now it's time to get ready for the banquet. I'll post again later, or tomorrow.

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  1. Lynn Maudlin2:13 AM

    Susan, I'm so glad you had a good time! I heard you from a distance but we never got a chance to actually meet (Ellen suggested I speak with you about the song cycle I've written based on the book of Ruth, but you were in the middle of another conversation at that moment and I was reluctant to interrupt the flow). I'm glad you enjoyed the "Ringos" (!! - that was fun, and utilizing the existing structure of the Beatles' songs was what appealed to me the most).
    -- Lynn --


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