Sunday, August 12, 2007

Papa Palwick and the Kitties of Doom

Here's my Dad. We're having a nice visit, although he's frustrated by how little energy and appetite he has. He sat in a chair in the family room most of yesterday, but in the evening we sat out on the deck for a while, and he said that did him a world of good, so my goal today is to get him onto the deck earlier (since I'll be at church in the morning, Gary may need to oversee that project). In the afternoon, if Dad's up to it, we'll drive to campus so he can see my new office.

Yesterday before dinner, he lay on our bed for a while. When I take naps, Harley routinely hops up onto the bed to nudge and nag me into getting up: this is part of his Rescue Kitty function, since it's highly unnatural for humans to lie down while the sun is up. (He never does it at night, and in the morning, Bali's the one who wakes me up to be fed.) Sure enough, Harley did the same thing to my father. I tried to get some photos, but they were too blurry. My sister had warned us that Dad is impatient with cats, but so far, he's been very sweet with ours. He did say, "Stop that!" when Harley kept nudging his elbow, but I do the same thing when Harley kneads my ribcage.

I did get a picture of Harley playing his "everything is a cave!" game. He adores climbing into wastebaskets. I don't know why cats glory so in small, confined spaces, but I've never met a cat who didn't. Harley does have a particular fetish for trash receptacles, though.

Red is my father's favorite color, and he kept his red jacket on when we came inside from the deck. Gary hates this picture and claims that it makes him look like a space alien, but I told him it doesn't. So anybody who leaves a comment, please back me up and tell Gary he doesn't look like a space alien!

Here Dad's looking at a photo we took of my mother when she was here. It's a neat picture because you can see the image of her through the paper, and she was wearing red too. (Anyone who was at my Mythcon reading will recognize this as one of the images I used; it was the one that kept falling over!)

And heeeeere's Bali! Because he's all black, it's hard to get good photos of him, so I was pleased with this one. It's a particularly nice shot of his beautiful golden eyes.

So that's the visit report so far. Tomorrow, Dad wants me to take him to the VA so he can try to pick up some medication. (It was supposed to arrive by mail, but hasn't yet.) I hope we can do something fun tomorrow, too -- a little drive, maybe -- especially since I'll be gone much of Tuesday, teaching at the med school.


  1. Great photos of your dad, Susan. I can see the family resemblance. Good one of Gary too. "No, Gary, you don't look like a space alien. They have slanted eyes and much paler skin." (g)

    Peace and Happy Sunday!

    Oh, quick update on Masters of Science Fiction. I liked the 2nd show but not quite as much as the 1st. It was a "meet the aliens" one. So when you get the series on DVD, then Gary can see what a space alien looks like (they had wings and glowed).

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Hey, who's that space alien behind your Dad!?


    Jeff P. ;)

  3. Everyone knows that space aliens, even ones from the Red Planet, are actually green and bug-eyed. Gary is neither green (especially not in that photo) nor bug-eyed, so tell him he's really got to try harder if he wants us all to think he's an alien.

  4. Not even close to a space alien. I'd recognize one anywhere . . .


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