Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yay, Sort Of

My syllabi and other handouts for Monday are finished and photocopied, and I've planned each class. I went to the university bookstore today and splurged on some new school supplies, mainly spiffy, bright plastic folders to replace my ratty paper ones. (Last spring, I devised a system of keeping different categories of papers in different colored folders: this worked very well, but my students warned me never to make the folders the same color, or chaos would ensue.) I think I became a college professor to be able to keep buying school supplies!

I also finally got around to reading my teaching evaluations from last semester, which were overwhelmingly positive. Since spring is usually my toughest time of year, and since one of the classes was thrown together at the last minute when a grad seminar didn't make, that was especially gratifying. My workshop evaluations did have a consistent theme of wanting me to lecture more (!), but I'd already planned to do that this fall, so all's well.

So school stuff's in very good shape at the moment. Other things are pretty chaotic: I have vast towering heaps of e-mail to answer (sorry, everybody!), and I haven't started my homily for Sunday -- although I have a general idea of what I'll be saying -- and since it's Morning Prayer, I also have to figure out what anthems etc. we're doing, which I probably should have done yesterday or today, oh dear oh dear, and I'm behind on revising both my Mythcon essay and the ED Sonnets.

And, actually, not all school stuff is in good shape, either, since I need to work on various committee matters.


It Will All Get Done Somehow. This is my mantra.

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  1. Or, as I used to say, when asked how I was, "better than I deserve, and no further behind than usual."


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