Friday, March 02, 2007

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Accessorize

The newspaper photo shoot has been rescheduled for Monday, which may give the latest crop o' zits time to clear up. Yay!

Even after the haircut, which is reasonably cute if you overlook the zits, I was nervous before the video filming. I'd decided to go casual and comfy, so I was wearing jeans, a v-neck cotton top, and a black shawl, but I decided the shawl looked too heavy with the jeans and top (which are purplish-magenta and gray, respectively), and the bookstore sells some nice fair-trade clothing and accessories. So of course, I wound up buying a $30 woolen scarf from India, in red and gray paisley, after holding up several possibilities and asking three nearby women of About My Age, "Which of these is better?" They all stopped what they were doing to scrutinize the scarves, and they all picked the same one. (Women know how to help each other with shopping crises, let me tell you!) A few minutes later, I ran into one of them in another aisle, and she reassured me once again that I'd made the right choice.

Yay for moral support from strangers!

Anyway, the podcast went okay, or at least I feel that way now. I'm sure I'll be mortified after I watch it, but that will be because it will be me on the screen. I expect I'll seem pretty dorky, but dorky is more or less the image the guys who do the show are going for. Nice guys. They brought me water and gave me a free UNR hoodie ($40 retail value) to thank me for being on the podcast.

Yay for free clothing!

I also have to say that the UNR Bookstore is doing a bang-up job of publicizing the book. When you walk into the store, the first thing you see is a wall display of The Fate of Mice and Flying in Place. They've also created large posters to advertise my reading on the 12th -- where the mass-market TNB will also be available -- and they'll be sending flyers out across campus. And there will be food at the reading.

Yay for food!

Speaking of food, Gary's made some new, super-duper chocolate cookies for our BSG evening tonight. Even though I've more or less given up sugar for Lent, and in honor of the unattainable Jane Fonda goal, I do allow myself to have treats on BSG night. (I cheated and ate some malted milk balls on Thursday, but that's not my fault, because they were sitting in a bowl in the English Department office, out in the open, the shameless things, and ambushed me when I walked through the door.) Gary assures me that each cookie contains enough calories to meet the nutritional needs of a small third-world country for a year. However, since I'm wearing my free sweatshirt, which is both very soft and wonderfully roomy, I feel safe eating a cookie. Or two.

Of course, that means I'll have to keep wearing the new sweatshirt until I've done 5,000 more crunches.

Oh! And the biggest news! We got a new DVD player which will display non-widescreen items in the correct aspect ratio! Which means we can now watch Buffy and The Wire and Scrubs downstairs, on the big screen, instead of upstairs, on Gary's computer! Also, old movies, although he's more excited about that than I am.

In other TV news, we just finished watching the second season of Veronica Mars and remain unimpressed. The plots seem overly convoluted and implausible, and we just don't find ourselves caring deeply about any of the characters or outcomes. In short, it's not suspending our disbelief.

In other writing news, I'm determined to get back to the ED Sonnets. I made some movement in that direction today, but it didn't extend to writing any actual lines. However, I still hope to have a draft of the entire cycle done by the end of Lent.

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  1. Yay for Fair Trade accessories!

    Yay for good commercial support from the bookstore!

    Yay for Gary who understands death by chocolate!

    Yay for guilt free self-indulgence!

    And definitely YAY for more ED Sonnets!



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