Sunday, March 18, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Well, we got to Maui fine, and we got some great photos today, and I even got them downloaded from the camera to my laptop, but I can't seem to upload them to Blogger. So I'll just have to post them when I get back!

They're pretty, though. Lots of flowers. Also beach. Also cats (in the Valley of Iao, which Gary and I have taken to calling the Valley of Meow because there are so many feral cats there, cared for by volunteers and the Humane Society). Also a nice one of Gary on the beach blanket. He took some of me, but all of them make me look like the Michelin Man -- worse than a dressing-room mirror, I swear! -- so I won't be posting those.

Tomorrow: the Road to Hana and hiking in the state park where the Seven Sacred Pools are.

Tuesday: whale watch.

Wednesday: another whale watch.

Thursday: snorkeling! Our tour stops at two places -- Molokini and Turtletown -- so I'm hoping to get to swim with sea turtles.

Friday and Saturday are so far open but will no doubt include beach excursions, as this morning did. Sunday, we come home.

Have fun, everybody. Be good (but not too rickety!).


  1. Feral cats? Maybe that is why I once heard that Hawaii doesn't allow the import of pets unless they've been in quarantine for a long time.

    Glad you're having fun, Susan! Wishing I was there. I'd go and do the volcano thing.


  2. Watch the whales while you can! Every time you hear a bit of environmental news, the trajectory is all too clear. Our grandkids will be looking at a world of cows, chickens, pigs, cats, and dogs.

    For every person serious about the environment there have to be at least another, I don't know, half dozen for whom immediate financial gain trumps environmental concerns. Sometimes it's poor people without good options. Often it's just short sightedness and greed.

  3. Sounds wonderful--enjoy every minute! Hope the parents are doing well.

  4. Sea turtles are more fun that dolphins. Go for it if you can!


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